Hytera DMR network – reliable two-way radio communications and GPS network for the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Services (BMRS)


Integra-A Ltd., distributor of Hytera in Bulgaria since 1998, supplied a multi-site IP connected DMR Tier II with GPS network to Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Services for use in the Bulgarian mountainous areas

The Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Services (BMRS) were established back in 1933. In 1971 BMRS became a member of the International Organisation of Mountain Rescue (ICAR). Nowadays the BMRS operate with 550 members divided in 32 rescue teams in most large mountain towns and resorts. Volunteers work actively until the age of 55 in shifts 365 days a year

Mountains constitute a significant part of Bulgaria and are dominant in the South-West and central parts of the country. Bulgaria’s highest mountains are Rila (highest peak in the Balkans Musala 2925m) and Pirin (highest peak Vihren 2914 m). The large mountain chain of Stara Planina (The Balkan) runs West-East across the entire country. Other extensive mountains are the Rhodopes, Vitosha, Strandza.

Structure of System

The development of the DMR system of the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Services (BMRS) started back in 2019, transitioning from an analogue two-way radio system. Nowadays the system consists of 16 repeaters (RD985, RD985S and HR1065), as well as 125 hand-held radios (PD485, PD605, PD685G, PD785G, PD665G, HP605, HP685, HP685G BT, HP785G). The system uses IP connect and a Smart Dispatch system, with the master repeater in HQ in Sofia. Structure is as follows:

Pirin mountain: 5 repeaters (Bansko, Dobrinishte, Razlog, Sandansky, Kiustendil), 6 teams and 26 hand-helds,
Rila mountain: 2 repeaters – 2 repeaters expected to be installed this summer (Musala, Maliovitsa): 17 hand-helds
Vitosha mountain and Sofia: largest area and biggest team – 4 repeaters and a master in Sofia (Aleko, Cherni Vruh, Petros peak), 21 hand-helds
Stara Planina Mountain: 3 repeaters (Botev, Voiniagovo, Patreshkoto), 2 new ones expected this summer – Vehjen and Shipka, 40 hand-helds
Rhodope mountains: 2 repeaters (Pamporovo, Chepelare), 20 hand-helds



The DMR system of the Bulgaria Mountain Rescue Services will continue to grow and develop, adding more HR1065 and HR655, as well as more radios. The rescuers in the mountains rely mainly on the two-way radio system with GPS, as GSM coverage is practically non-existent there. The normal functioning of the radio system is crucial for the life and safety of both the mountain rescue teams and people in need of assistance. In 2020 the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Services helped 2503 people in 114 actions; in 2021 the rescuers helped 1636 people in 156 actions and 2201 people in 2022 in 167 actions. We at Integra-A Ltd. are proud to be a small part of the lives of these everyday heroes and wish them good luck and success.

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