The New Hytera BD-615 two-way radio is the perfect choice for harsh environments

The New Hytera BD-615 two-way radio is the perfect choice for harsh environments | Integra-a

Built to last even in the toughest work environments.

Hytera has launched a new rugged two-way radio ideally suited for businesses operating in harsh or noisy environments such as the construction industry, logistics, transportation, security and manufacturing.

The BD-615 hand portable radio is the digital successor to Hytera’s successful TC6 series of analogue devices. The BD-615 features an innovative design, which delivers a better performance than traditional analogue radios. It offers excellent reception sensitivity, which enables the device to sustain a stable connection for reliable, interference-free communications.

The new Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) comes in a bold, eye-catching two-colour design. It is both ruggedised and robust, as it has been tested to meet Military Standards 810 G, including resistance to temperature shock and vibration handling. The BD-615 is also IP66 certified for dust and waterproof resistance. The radio can operate within a temperature range of -30℃ to +60℃ – all of which guarantees reliable performance in a variety of different environments.

Hytera has fitted the BD-615 with its latest digital encoding and error correction technology to avoid signal interference and deliver clear audio quality. This enables the human voice to be transmitted clearly and without distorting background noise, even over long distances.

In addition, the BD-615 supports both analogue and digital modes on the same hardware, so users can easily switch between the two if mixed radio fleets are being used.

It is important that the BD-615 can be relied on to last throughout a long shift. Hytera has selected a 1500 mAh lithium battery, which can continue working in digital mode for up to 16 hours based on the 5-5-90 duty cycle. If a 2000 mAh battery is used, the device can support up to 22 hours of talk time in digital mode.

The radio is simple and easy to use. The push-to-talk button is easy to find and operate, as is the channel knob, which supports 16 channels. An LED indicator shows the radio receiving and transmitting status as green light and red light. The device has a programmable button so additional functions can be added. The audio jack supports a wide variety of different earpieces and remote speaker microphones.

Hytera understands its customer’s business critical communications requirements. The BD-615 radio provides high performance combined with a simple user interface to ensure end users can quickly get to grips with the device. This rugged, yet lightweight radio offers reliable, instant two-way communications making it the ideal choice for businesses.